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WIZZIT Digital rolls out mobile payment solution for SME

by Oloo Winnie

WIZZIT International, a pioneer in USSD mobile payments channel has launched a mobile payment systems for androids.

The firm Tap2Pay soft point of sale which turns smartphones into sales machine leverages on the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology whereby businesses and customers get PIN protected contactless transactions in person or online.

WIZZIT says the solution which is 100% software only, enables merchants to accept PIN secured “tap and go” transactions on any NFC enabled Android

With the technology, users will not require any separate card reader or PIN-entry device as the PIN entry is already enabled through WIZZIT Digital’s patented secure “soft” PIN pad on its app.

“Simply put, WIZZIT Digital’s Tap2Pay solution transforms commercial off-the-shelf smartphones and tablets into secure contactless payment terminals that require no additional hardware, plug-ins, card-readers, or dongles to accept PIN protected card payments,” says Brian Richardson, Chief Executive Officer of WIZZIT Digital.

The Tap2Pay solution makes it possible for PIN entry to be carried out on either the merchant’s mobile device or customer’s which in this case can be either Android or iOS, allowing merchants to ‘push’ PIN entry to customers’ own devices.

WIZZIT Digital’s Tap2Pay solution can be installed on any NFC enabled Android phone or embedded into a merchant or financial service provider app.

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