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Copia Global raises 5.6 billion to ramp up African expansion


Kenyan E-commerce start-up Copia Global has raised over 5.6 billion from series C equity round aimed at boosting its efforts of expansion across African countries.

The company was launched in Kenya in 2013 to reach a market that formal retail and Western e-commerce models cannot. Copia delivers products upon ordering to customers at their door step.

Copia will use the capital to grow its proven model across East Africa and to expand into other African countries, extending its service to millions of Africa’s underserved consumers. 

“While mobile technology underpins all we do, it is Copia’s relentless focus on building trust – by providing low prices, quality products, reliable delivery, and uncompromising customer service – that has enabled Copia to succeed in a market that many perceived impossible,” said Tim Steel, CEO of Copia Global. 

“Copia broadens access to affordable household goods for families, regardless of their income level, access to technology or location in order to support businesses that provide un(der)served groups in Africa access essential goods and services.” said Copia on its website.

The company’s model comprises of digitally enabled and a network of Agents and small shopkeepers who serve as order and delivery points, across Kenya and Uganda. This allows customers to choose how they interact with Copia online or offline. Within a period of two days, Copia delivers even to the most remote locations, places with poor road infrastructure or lack addresses, at no additional cost to the customer at the nearest agent for customer pickup.

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