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October 2018

Posta’s Bold Turnaround

While couriers collapse due to inability to adapt to global trends, PCK has survived by effectively reacting to market trends and catering to evolving consumer expectations.

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Harnessing potential of the blue economy

By Ben Oduor More than 70 percent of the globe is covered in water. And despite the aquatic world being centre of economic activity, enabling millions of households to make their livelihoods from activities such as fishing, shipping and tourism, harnessing the potential of oceanic resources has been a major challenge. Plastic pollution, overfishing and maritime threats deals a heavy blow to the rich economic opportunities at the coast. Sources estimate that over five trillion items of plastics currently litter the…

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Cutting fabric wastage

This Singapore based startup wants to help textile manufacturers buy the right amount of fabric and use with minimum wastage. This is how.

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