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Crawford International School To Host First Game Jam In Kenya

by Kwabe Ben

Crawford International School will host the first student-led Game Jam in Kenya from November 24 th -26 th. It is an event in which student gamers, creatives, and developers work in groups of three to conceptualize, design, and build a functioning version of a game project from scratch based on the theme provided.

The three-day competition will test the participants' abilities to think creatively, manage time, and work in teams. The event will provide an opportunity for competitors who are interested in the same field to meet, and form connections and bonds while testing each other's skills. On the third day, the judges will award the best three teams with cash prizes.

Shiv Dahmesh Shah, Crawford student, and Game Jam Project Manager comments, ‘‘We have 8 registered teams from Crawford International School, Hillcrest International School, Woodcreek School, Braeburn School, and Rusinga School. We expect more participants before the November 20 th deadline.’’

‘‘For decades, video games have entertained children and adults alike. Video games have evolved rapidly from the early days, offering increasingly realistic experiences that no longer resemble the pixelated screens and 8-bit games of past generations.

The introduction of coding and computer programing in Kenyan schools will produce logical thinkers and problem solvers. Necessary life skills that we require’’ added Mugambi Mwithia who serves in the logistics and event planning committee for the Crawford Game Jam.

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