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iLabAfrica, Safewayz partner to Make Kenyan Roads Safe


iLabAfrica-Strathmore University and Safewayz Company have signed a Memorandum of
Understanding that will see the two organizations partner to develop a blockchain application to
capture, process, manage and host traffic rules violation data.

Every year, the World Health Organisation reports the total number of road traffic deaths at
about 1.25 million worldwide, with the highest road traffic fatality rates occurring in developing

“When we did research we found that driver behavior contributes to 8 out of 10 accidents of
road accidents in the country. In areas where there are police or speed cameras which means
driver behavior is being monitored accidents on that stretch of the road are minimal.” Fred
Gatiramu, the co-founder of Safewayz Company.

Studies have shown that over 80% of road accidents are attributable to driver behavior and errors
such as speeding, distracted driving, reckless driving and driving under the influence (risky
driver behaviour)

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“We are pleased to collaborate with Safewayz Company to help carb road carnage. This
partnership will help create applications that will monitor traffic violations in Kenya, assess the
gravity and validity of traffic violations data submitted by the public; and to convert these to
actionable data’’ Dr. Joseph Sevilla, Director @iLabAfrica.

The Safewayz project will be tailored to address driver behavior through a cloud chased database
that will be accessible to all road users through capturing, sending reports on traffic violations to

Incidence Centers and permanent storage of raw data. This data will be shared with National
Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and any other interested parties.

“We are honored that @iLabAfrica- Strathmore University has given us the opportunity to
collaborate and be in the front face of the Safewayz project since it’s well equipped with the
resources.” Fred Gatiramu, the co-founder of Safewayz Company.

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