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Kenchic Partners With Influencer For Farm-To-Fork Campaign

by Brian Yatich

Kenyan poultry producer, Kenchic, has launched a new campaign aimed at promoting transparency and educating consumers on the quality of its chicken products.

The company has invited influencer and self-taught chef, Dennis Ombachi, to visit its farms and learn about the chicken supply chain from farm to fork. The campaign, called The Naked Truth, will be shared with Ombachi’s over one million followers and other influencers.

Consumer concerns about food safety and animal welfare have grown in Kenya, with 80% of Kenyans surveyed by World Animal Protection stating that food safety is critical to their food choices.

In response, Kenchic has invested resources to ensure that its broilers live contented and active lives, and the company received the highest ranking on animal welfare policies in a recent report by WAP.

Kenchic is committed to providing consumers with the highest quality chicken products, and this campaign aims to help consumers make informed decisions about the food they eat.

As chicken consumption continues to grow rapidly in Kenya, Kenchic hopes that transparency about its processes and farming methods will build consumer trust.

The company has led the way in health, safety, and animal welfare for decades and protects Kenyans from contentious chicken-rearing practices such as feeding antibiotics to flocks as a preventative measure.

Kenchic only uses a very restricted list of medicines to treat sick birds after diagnosis and prescription by registered vets.

Dennis Ombachi was impressed by the care and attention that Kenchic takes to ensure its chickens are raised healthy and happy. He believes that the farm-to-fork model means that Kenchic chicken is the safest and healthiest.

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