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KRA introduces new geo- mapping technology to nab tax non compliant landlords


The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has introduced a new mapping technology in bid to step up the onslaught on tax evading landlord.

According to KRA, a block management system using geographic information system (GIS) will be used to map out buildings in various residences.

The new system will classify various estates into blocks of flats enabling KRA to identify landlords who are tax-compliant and those not in its tax net, at the same time detect new buildings springing up.

“We are investing in block management and geo-mapping systems to map out all these urban areas like Nairobi and Mombasa and get to know where these landlords are and who is paying what tax and who is not paying what tax,” Paul Matuku, KRA’s Commissioner for Legal Services and Board Co-ordination told Business Daily.

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“It is work in progress in that area (rental income tax) and we will bring all of them (landlords) under tax net.” he added

The taxman says that in the current three-year strategic plan for the period ending June 2024, it targets to map 100 percent of the blocks using GIS by end of June.

“We will be targeting all existing landlords who are not tax compliant as well as those with upcoming buildings (both residential and commercial).”

The agency has identified real estate (landlords), high net-worth individuals (HNWI), small traders especially the informal settlers and businesses operating online, among others, as sectors with high potential for growing revenue.

The use of geo-spatial mapping technology is yet to commence, but there are proper laid plans to ensure the implementation of the program that aims at bringing all landlords on board.

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