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Ruto’s Top Agenda for Kenya

by Brian Yatich

The deputy president has been announced as the flag bearer of the United Democratic Alliance by his delegates and political leaders from different political divide.

During the official launch, the DP offered his main agenda for Kenyans of dealing with various challenges a common mwananchi goes through from; poverty, unemployment, biased operations as well as protection from sabotage of government institutions by cartels.

Embarking on a ‘bottom-up economy’ theory, the deputy president aims at involving the youths as the centre of operations owing to the large populace per cent. This he says will empower the unable and jobless to find a means of earning pay that will boost their standards of living for the youth to thrive.

Having cited numerous challenges facing the government institutions, the DP condemns the lack of independence in several bodies icluding the Kenya Revenue Authority, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, and several more that he says need to be independent.

He revealed that through their independence the ethnic bias might be curbed and the trap of getting used by governments’ influence could fade from the picture.

Resolving to empower campus graduates through the creation of several employment opportunities, Dr. Ruto cited that the youth of tomorrow won’t have obstacles in attaining opportunities, or realizing their dreams as they are ready to stand through the murky waters of politics.

The Deputy president indicated that he is a representative of every hustler from the country, he assured Kenyans that a time has come for representation of the ‘Hustler Nation’ in the decision-making tables.

He stated that the party and its members are willing to work and grow with its members respecting inclusion and sharing of opinions to build a country of togetherness.

Regarding ethnic-based politics, the party leader said that they have focused on dealing with issue-based matters and policies including pushing for the growth of infrastructure and economic development. He opined that the big four agendas are to be actualized to improve sourcing of jobs for the youth, assisting the agricultural sector find better prices for fertilizers and farming equipment to enhance food production.

Dr. Ruto urged fellow leaders to refrain from looking down, contempt and rejection of the needy, struggling, poor and the abandoned noting that their voice in fact does matter. He blamed the growth of these to the entitlement of leaders and those close to state privileges who keep enfranchising the state thus pushing out the ordinary person from the wings and corridors of power.

He assured the citizens of peace and sustainable unity as well as equity for prosperity, at the same time Ruto said that public policy must not be customized to meet the benefits of a select few, private and personal interests. He insisted that the economy must be changed and the belief of UDA is the future of our nation is through improving the economy and not the constitution of additional leadership seats.

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