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SafeBoda cuts operation in Kenya

by Oloo Winnie

SafeBoda is pausing its operations in Kenya as of November 27, 2o20 according to a statement released by the tech startup in what the company attributed to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on its operations.

The motorbike-hailing app kicked off operations in Kenya some time back and is said to have had over 4000 riders in Nairobi alone. Started in Uganda, the startup had also widened its net to Nigeria. “But the pandemic has dealt a heavy blow on us.”

“SafeBoda has made a very difficult decision to pause rides and send services from 27th of November 2020 in Kenya,” said the company in a statement that caught most of its customers unaware.

The rides affiliated with the company have been among the most cost-effective in ferrying people and services across the city with some of the costs being as low as 50 shillings.

While Nairobi is seeing some economic recovery from Covid-19, boda transportation has been hit hard. This has meant our business cannot sustainably operate in this environment and unfortunately, the timeline for a full recovery cannot be certain,” said the company.

The company says it will now shift its focus to growing its operations in Uganda and Nigeria where the risk of operation is not as high as it is in Kenya despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

“From now until November 27, 2020, we will be promoting our SafeBoda drivers in Kenya and this will be a chance for customers to use their remaining wallet balances to take rides or send packages,” said the company in a statement.

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