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County Governments Urged To Collaborate With Hospitality Players For Jobs Creation

by Ndungu Brian
will help us help them fulfill their promise of creating jobs for unemployed Kenyans

Incoming county governments can create jobs for the millions of unemployed youths if they collaborate with hospitality players and the wider tourism industry.

PrideInn Hotels, Resorts and Camps Founder and Managing Director Hasnain Noorani has urged the new county bosses to consider working with the sector, which has the potential of hiring an extra 1.2 million people.

He added that the new hires would indirectly support millions more throughout the Kenyan economy.

“In 2021 alone, the tourism sector had to lay off at least 1.2 million people due to the continued impact of COVID-19. A year earlier, at least 2.5 million people working in the sector lost their jobs in the first five months of the pandemic,” he said.

“Fast forward to 2022, the sector is yet to fully recover and absolve all the people who were laid off. By strategically collaborating with the tourism sector, the county governments would help companies in the industry to rehire those who lost their jobs,” he said.

Noorani also noted that as the industry continues to recover, helped by increased international arrivals, the level of operations especially in hotels was also growing, leading to a need to hire more employees.

He said that most hotels, especially those in Nairobi and Mombasa, had seen improved performance in the first half of the year compared to a similar period in 2021. This has led to an increased need for more employees, both permanent and casual, to support operations.

“This is why we invite country governments to collaborate with us. Whether it is by bringing conferences to our properties or outsourcing our services, working together will help us help them fulfill their promise of creating jobs for unemployed Kenyans,” Noorani said.

Further, Noorani observed that, unlike other sectors, the hospitality sector hires many talents.

“Hotels hire chefs, IT experts, marketers, security personnel, nutritionists, administrators and even salespeople. It is tough to find an industry that hires the kinds of talents that the tourism sector requires,” he said.

“This makes us the ideal partner of the government,” he added.

Noorani spoke ahead of the Council of Governors induction program slated for 14-18 September 2022 in PrideInn Paradise Beach & Spa Hotel, Shanzu, Mombasa County.

The county chiefs will also pick the Council of Governors (CoG) leadership during the conference.

The four-day event is themed ‘Towards better Governance and outcome-driven service delivery at the Counties’.

Commenting on the induction program, Jackton Amutala, the Development and Operations Group Director at PrideInn Hotels, Resorts and Camps said the hotel is fully prepared to host the major event. 

“PrideInn has made a name for itself for hosting world-class conferences. This upcoming event will be no different. Our security measures are in place, and we have made sure that we will cater to the needs of our leaders,” he said.

Amutala added that the hotel has ensured that they have all the necessary advantages for making the program a success.


“Our guests will enjoy our great food, stable and strong WiFi, quality audio equipment, proper seating arrangement, air conditioning, great food and efficient hotel staff among others,” he said in conclusion.

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