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DTB Bank Launches Zawadi Account For Women Running SMEs

by Ndungu Brian
DTB Bank launches Zawadi account for for women running SME's

Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) has launched Zawadi, a special account for women running Small and Medium Enterprises.

The account is designed to enable women to access favorable credit terms to grow their businesses from one stage to the next.

The SMEs that open either of the accounts with DTB will be eligible for a credit facility after 6-months to enable them to grow their businesses accordingly.

“The Zawadi account is specifically tailored to enhance Financial Literacy for women-owned businesses and inculcate the necessary skills required to run their businesses effectively to enable them to take advantage of the financial opportunities offered by banks,” said Dr. Kennedy Nyakomitta, DTB Sales Director.

“In addition to the Zawadi account, we have also launched the Chama account to encourage groups and collectives to venture into enterprise development, with the help of DTB. This is in line with our ongoing expansion efforts across the country, as we seek to be more present with our communities” he added.

The financial literacy training intends to build the SME’s capacity in financial and human resource management, strategic planning, marketing and communication to enable them to do business better and especially attract the kind of finances they need to grow.

The traders will also receive training on the various financial products and services available to enable them to grow their business, from DTB.

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