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ENGEN targets PSV market with new product

by Brian Yatich

Engen Kenya Limited has launched a new range of Oil lubricant product intended to satisfy the immediate needs of consumers and provide efficient and improved fuel economy.

The new line of fuel product dubbed “Matatu diselube” is yet to be sold in the market, the product is touted as being superior compared to local competitors in the gasoline market.

Speaking on Thursday during the launch, the acting Managing Director of Engen Kenya Limited, Anthony Mbugua, said the reason for the introduction of the new products was to provide efficient service to Engen s numerous consumers in the transport industry and in an effort to meet demand for high engine performance products.

The product which is specifically manufactured for the PSV’s will retail at a more affordable price than market rates to ensure matatus have access to quality petroleum tailor made for their engines.

“Engen recognizes that Matatu Owners are making huge investments in these vehicles therefore we understand that these vehicles need to operate and maintain their engines at optimum performance level,” he said.

The industry has had its share of challenges with players currently facing an influx of substandard lubricants, repacking of recycled lubricants and counterfeiting of genuine lubricants brands.

“Adultrated products are indeed ailing the industry therefore industry players and relevant authorities should unite in this fight to curb the scourge,” commented Chairman Matatu Owners Association Simon Kimutai.

Kimutai also said that without the counterfeit products matatus owners would not suffer the loses they are currently facing due to damages as a result of the existence of the fake products in the market.

Measures have already been put in place by authorities including compulsory inspection to curb this with Engen further investing in unique packaging and labels to ensure the integrity of quality guaranteed products.

Early in the year Engen which has been in the market for 23 years also signed a deal with Kenya Independent Petroleum Dealers Association (KIPEDA) to overcome irregular fuel and lubricants supply among other issues.

The agreement made Engen the largest oil retailer in East Africa’s biggest economy, with the addition of its new exclusive supply access to more than 200 service stations.

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