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Final Payout to M-Akiba 2 Retail Infrastructure Bond Investors


The Central Depository and Settlement Corporation (CDSC) as the issuing and paying agent for The National Treasury (TNT), has today paid out the principal amount and final interest of Sh935,917,500 to 13,592 M-Akiba 2 Retail Infrastructure Bond investors.

M-Akiba 2 was first issued on 30 June 2017, after a successful pilot phase launch of M-Akiba 1 on 23 March 2017.

The final interest and principal amount paid out to M-Akiba 2 investors’ is Sh44,567,500 and Sh891,350,000.00 respectively.

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This follows the final payout in April 2020 to 5,609 MAkiba 1 Retail Infrastructure Bond investors totaling Sh157,552,500.

M-Akiba 2 Retail Infrastructure Bond Investors have previously received five interest payments on March 9, 2018, September 9, 2018, March 9, 2019, September 9, 2019 and March 9, 2020 totaling Sh222,837,500.

To date, a total of Sh312,420,000.00 has been paid out in interest to all M-Akiba Retail Infrastructure Bond Investors and Sh1,041,400,000.00 raised from the five Bond Issues since CDSC also recorded a total of 582,572 M-Akiba registrations since the first Issuance in June 2017.

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