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Kenya’s Reducing COVID-19 Cases Are A Confidence Builder – Aman


Kenya’s Ministry of Health says the country still has a long way to go despite a decrease in confirmed cases in the last few days.

Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman termed the reducing number of confirmed cases as a confidence builder towards measures the government has been implementing over the last six month to contain the pandemic.

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Since the first case of he virus was reported in March, the government implemented a raft of containment measures which include enforcing wearing of face masks while in public places, washing of hands, implementing night curfews, banning any form of public gatherings and enforcing cessation of movements orders in a bid to restrict community to community infections.

However, the CAS was quick to caution Kenyans against lowering their guard noting that this might lead to an outbreak of a second wave as has been seen in other countries.

He was speaking during the daily briefing on the status of the pandemic in the country in which the caseload rose to 32,205 after 102 people tested positive. 

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