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KAAO Calls For Embracing of KCAA, Stakeholders Forums

by Kwabe Ben
The Kenya Association of Air Operators (KAAO) has commended the proposed enhanced industry engagement rule-making process between the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority and stakeholders in the industry. This is with the aim to enable relevant and open engagements for both the aviators and stakeholders in the space to ease the way business is handled.
KAAO which has for years been calling for an inclusive engagement process between the different industry stakeholders termed the first Aviation Thought Leaders Forum, since the creation of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, as a step in the right direction and one that will improve synergies between the regulator and the operators.
KAAO emphasized that this inclusive engagement will lead to extra benefits for the air transport industry including increased collaboration in the rule-making process as well as a reduction in bureaucracy and red tape that continues to inhibit transparency and accountability.
“This engagement is a progressive move that will allow better engagement between KCAA and stakeholders, reducing the friction that has existed for years. The outcome of the process should reduce surprises in regulations and amendments and simplify oversight by the regulator,” said Mbuvi Ngunze – Chairman, of the Kenya Association of Air Operators.
At the meeting, KAAO members pointed out the red tape was rife in the KCAA processes (Certificate of Airworthiness renewal, AOC/AMO/ATO certificate renewal, and aircraft inclusion).
KAAO members also took the government to task over the continued dilapidated infrastructure calling for increased investment in the sector and further urging the government to reinvest revenue collected from the sector to develop, improve and maintain the existing infrastructure.
“Governments around the globe have become more innovative in funding large aviation infrastructure projects through different financing mechanisms. The government should focus on investment in infrastructure that is both strategic and revenue-generating” Liz Aluvanze – CEO Kenya Association of Air Operators commented.

PS State Department of Transport Mohamed Daghar engages stakeholders during the 1st Aviation Thought Leaders Forum

KAAO Chairman Mbuvi Ngunze also applauded the regulator saying it was refreshing to see a focus on a risk-based approach towards aviation medicine after a presentation by KCAA Chief Medical Assessor Dr. Festus Ilako.
The industry noted with appreciation the move towards automation of the KCAA processes, a move that will increase efficiency and transparency.
“The government has prioritized the delivery of services to all Kenyans including the aviation sector and as a Ministry, we promise improved and efficient services going forward. We have heard your concerns, but as witnessed by this important forum, we are willing to come in as partners with the stakeholders as aviation is one of the biggest contributors to GDP and without which other areas such as tourism and trade cannot flourish,” Mohamed Daghar – PS Transport.

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