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Kenyatta enforces stringent measures to manage 2nd wave Corona


President Kenyatta has come up with uptight rules to control the spread of Covid 19 as the country records highest cases of infections.The President in consultation with the National and County governments has reduced the curfew hours owing to the surge of the pandemic.

We then reviewed where our strengths and weaknesses layand how we must forge ahead in the coming months. Today being the 38th day since we eased our COVID measures on 27th September 2020, a lot has changed.  When we made the decision to re-open the country, our positivity rate had fallen from 13% in June 2020, and 7% in July 2020, to a low of 4% in September 2020,” he said.

On another alarming note,the number of patients needing medical attention has doubled,forcing health centers to converge its facilities to accommodate patients.

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Our COVID bed occupancy had also gone down by 60% and we had flattened the curve to below the 5% positivity rate recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).  This is what gave us the courage to re-open and ease out COVID measures.But 38 days laterwe have experienced a reversal.  If COVID bed occupancy had gone down by 60%, giving us comfort to re-open in September, the occupancy has now gone up by 140% during the 38 days of easing COVID measures,”he stated.

Corona infections in October records over 15,000 new cases  and approximately 300 deaths according to the National Multi-Agency Command Centre on COVID- 19.

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