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Ogilvy Africa Presents InfluenceO- Revolutionizing Influencer Marketing in Africa

by Kwabe Ben

Ogilvy Africa has officially launched InfluenceO, an end-to-end influence solution designed to empower businesses, brands, and creators in Africa to excel in the realm of influencer marketing.

InfluenceO intends to offer beyond technology by reinforcing Ogilvy’s commitment to supporting creators across sub-Saharan Africa as it aims at assisting them in developing their skills, enhancing their profiles, and advancing their careers.

Through leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovations from around the world and Africa, InfluenceO is now enabling brands and influencers to establish genuine partnerships and drive highly impactful marketing campaigns like never before.

This has been addressed as InfluenceO provides clients with comprehensive analytics and performance metrics which are some of the insights that go beyond traditional metrics like clicks and engagement rates, as they delve into conversion rates and long-term changes in brand sentiment, delivering valuable data on campaign effectiveness.

Patou Nuytemans, CEO of EMEA at Ogilvy highlighted that in today’s rapidly evolving landscape, influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for brands to connect with their target audiences.¬† Considering its ability to provide a reach that’s beyond mere interaction as it enables the establishing and maintaining of deep connections with its audience.

Ogilvy EMEA CEO, Patou Nuytemans

Ogilvy EMEA CEO, Patou Nuytemans

“However, the methods of thinking, planning, and executing influencer marketing have fallen behind the pace of its evolution. With the launch of InfluenceO, we now possess the power to transform our approach and fully harness the potential of influencer marketing as a formidable channel,” commented CEO Patou.

InfluenceO is not only revolutionizing the brand-influencer collaboration process but also delves into expanding marketers’ perspectives on and strategies for influencer engagement. This is done through the integration of the best global and local tools.

Ogilvy equips brands with; a more robust strategy enhanced methods for influencer identification, industry-leading legal and financial processes, more impactful creative capabilities, seamless integration with media buying models, and advanced measurement techniques for assessing campaign effectiveness.

Key features of InfluenceO include:

1. AI-powered influencer identification: Utilizing AI technology, InfluenceO identifies the most influential figures for brands, ensuring an authentic fit with the target audience. It also locates micro and nano influencers who may otherwise go unnoticed.

2. Streamlined onboarding, contracting, and payment processes: InfluenceO incorporates world-class technology to simplify these crucial steps for clients, ensuring creators are recognized and rewarded more reliably.

3. Integration with Ogilvy proprietary media technology Feed: InfluenceO seamlessly integrates with Feed, Ogilvy’s media technology platform, to amplify the impact of influencer marketing through dynamic, effective, and efficient methods.

Striding towards the facilitation of transparency and efficiency in collaboration between brands and influencers, InfluenceO offers a centralized dashboard where both parties can manage campaigns, review content drafts, negotiate terms, and track deliverables. This streamlined approach eliminates communication barriers, enhances efficiency, and ensures mutual satisfaction.

According to Vikas Mehta, CEO of Ogilvy Africa, this day marks an important milestone since  InfluenceO is an award-winning global asset, customized meticulously to the need and nuances of sub-Saharan African countries.

Ogilvy Africa CEO, Vikas Mehta

Ogilvy Africa CEO, Vikas Mehta

” This day is special and vital since InfluenceO brings world-class functionalities and rich databases to hitherto underserved markets. With InfluenceO, we hope to unleash the vast potential of this continent’s content and influence the landscape,” said Vikas.

InfluenceO is now open for brand and influencer registrations. To learn more about the platform and
join the influencer marketing revolution, visit www.ogilvyafrica.com/influenceo or send your query to

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