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Protecting you from Outages

by Tullah Stephen

This company understands that you cannot predict an emergency and that is why it wants to help you prepare for one.

Majority, if not all of us has had an experience with power outages at critical times. Sometimes even at a national scale. In January this year, Kenya and Uganda were plunged into massive darkness for several hours. The power blackout which affected some parts of Nairobi and Kampala was, according to the authorities, caused by ‘system disturbance.’ This followed another blackout back in 2016, where Kenya also witnessed similar blackout after a transformer tripped resulting to 180 megawatts of power being lost.

Downtime experienced in businesses during the outages can result to huge loses in productivity and damage of electronic equipment.

“It is well known that power failures and power surges are common in this part of the world and are by far the most common cause of loss of productivity hours and electronics. With planning and implementation of cost effective strategies, business can be able to safeguard their property from power disruption,” says Motaz Al Ma’ani, Senior Director and General Manager, Middle East & Africa, Delta Electronics.

Motaz Al Ma’ani, Senior Director and General Manager, Middle East & Africa, Delta Electronics.

Delta Electronics is among a handful of companies offering power and electronic technology to protect businesses from power outages and surges. The company recently announced its entrance in Kenya by signing an agreement with a Kenyan distributor specialized in providing end-to-end supply chain solutions, Redington Gulf.

Lack of a stable electricity supply is often cited as a major constraint of doing business in East Africa. It is estimated that power outages often lead to losses of one to two per cent of the annual GDP. It is estimated that 78.9 per cent of businesses in the region report having experienced electrical outages.

In a typical month, the report says, nine outages occur. The average duration of an outage lasted for six hours, having a considerable impact on business.

Al Ma’ani says the partnership with Redington Gulf is the perfect fit for Delta Electronics in the market due to the former’s local market expertise, partner ecosystem and services platform to ultimately enhance the power reliability, protection and efficiency of various mission critical applications in the region.

East Africa’s economy is growing rapidly. The 2018 African Development Bank East African Economic Outlook placed the region’s performance in 2017 at 5.9 per cent GDP growth, well above the continental average of 3.6 per cent. To sustain this, companies will need to have enough power supply and equipment protected from power surges.

“Growth of a business should never be at risk of limitation or delay due to avoidable technical restrictions of existing power hardware. That is why we are using our expansive experience in providing solutions that can accommodate the demand for power protection.”

Delta Electronics’ UPS systems are trusted as the ideal power solutions by a wide range of industries spanning from financial institutions, to IT centers and SMEs. The firms UPS products range from one-and three phase UPSs as well as the online and line-interactive systems.

Delta’s UPS package comes in four models; Agilon range for personal computers, Amplon family for servers and networking equipment. For data centers and industrial facilities Delta offers the Ultron family of products and lastly there is the Modulon family of UPSs that offer scalability and redundancy in a single frame.

Al Ma’ani says Delta has also built a remarkable track record of supporting data centers and other applications in the Middle East and Africa with its UPS technology. “One of the biggest allure to our solutions is the fact that we guarantee high levels of energy efficiency. We have tested our products and we are glad we have had impressive results.”

In addition to UPS solutions, Delta Electronics provides total integrated solutions that assist customers around the world to increase productivity and competitiveness. The range of products include industrial automation, data center solution, telecom power solutions, display and monitoring solutions and renewable enable solutions among others.

Delta’s mission according to Al Ma’ani, it to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow. “Our focus is also to address important environmental issues such as global climate change.”

Though the firm which was founded in 1971 is announcing its partnership in Kenya through the partnership with Redington, the company’s products have been and continue to be used in Kenya. He says the company has also supplied telecommunication companies such as Safaricom and Airtel with networking equipment.

“One of the things we looked for in partner was the expertise and experience. Redington has the focus in IT been operating in Kenya for long and we believed they understood the market very well.”


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