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Solving the housing puzzle through realty events

Solving the housing puzzle through realty events

Sourcing for a dream home can be a daunting experience for aspiring homeowners a process that has been shortened by real estate event planning.

These events allow developers to converge under one roof, bringing together shared interests and expanding opportunities in property investments.

Over the last decades, event organizers like the Kenya Homes Expo, have thrived in solving the barrier arising from sourcing, funding, and creating awareness in the property market.

“The real estate industry is mostly supported by the look, feel, and aesthetic of the property that is on display. Therefore, it is important to get potential buyers into a home that they might enjoy through events” says Daniel Ojijo, organizing chair of Kenya Homes Expo.

This year alone, properties events have received more positive responses from key industry stakeholders. Players in affordable housing, mortgage financers, interior decors, and home developers have gathered to highlight the products and services they have on display.

‍Given the scope of the pandemic and the number of industries and professions that have been adversely affected, events set future precedence.

“Now more than ever, homeowners are purchasing homes without ever stepping foot inside. Therefore, a real estate agent might have to do a lot more work at the outset to close the deal,” says Ojijo.

Industries must adopt especially after the negative fiscal effects experienced during the pandemic. By making this shift now, the real estate industry can begin to seek opportunities, develop new technologies, grow alongside the event technology, and scale to growing demand.

The available event technology platforms are capable of connecting brands and businesses to consumers’ communications.

Kenya is paving its way into mature real estate markets as evidenced by an extraordinary level of activity driven by worldwide demand for residential and industrial property. For the past two decades, the Kenyan real estate market has grown exponentially as evidenced by its contribution to the country’s GDP driven by infrastructural developments such as improved roads, utility connections, and upgrades of key airports.

These factors have therefore led to the development of unique trends across the various real estate themes, as investors sought to gain high returns and buyers sought aspirational lifestyles and quality products.


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