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The Rise Of Exquisite Buildings With The Use Of Technology

by Oloo Winnie
The rise of exquisite buildings with use of technology
Imagine living in a house that caters to your lifestyle needs, automatic gates, routine light switches, and programed showers just at the right temperatures with an enhanced security system? Well this is a reality that is being experienced through digital technologies.
Technology has enhanced a whole range of processes in the corporate real estate field pushing developers to constantly adjust.
With the global smart building market projected to reach $150.6 billion by 2030, smart buildings are at the cutting edge of innovation. Experts say that the industry is bound to see growth and expansion in the coming year and beyond.
Daniel Ojijo, the executive chairman of the real estate event, Kenya Homes Expo says that technology has shifted customer preferences as industry players embrace innovation.
“This current technology trends is reshaping how properties are purchased, financed and managed, we are seeing developers adapting to smart innovative solution to stay ahead of
competition,” says Ojijo.
He adds that home buyers have become more demanding for better quality products, services, amenities, and offers from the developers. With the introduction of new and revised reform measures, the real-estate industry has witnessed growth of professionals in the built environment.
The 32nd Edition of the Kenya Homes Expo to be held in October 20th-24th will highlight the innovative developments in East and Central Africa regions. The expo brings together exhibitors ranging from land owners, realtors, contractors, landscape artists, to interior design companies and insurers and bankers.
The event creates a level ground for real estate players to converge with a ready market for land, homes, financial advice and general real estate information.
The biggest shift in the real estate has been how digitalization allows prospective buyers to access relevant information on the reputation, financial stability, and number of projects, delivery track record, prices, and business practices of a developer. This coupled with the experience of existing homeowners of a developer forms the crux of the decision-making process for buyers.
Smart building is the evolution of how and where we’ll be living and working in the near future, and it will greatly increase efficiency in building operations, dramatically reduce utility costs, and simplify daily life for tenants and management. Smart technologies are able to handle the operations using sensors and artificial intelligence autonomy.
The security and surveillance systems will lock and unlock doors based on visual identification. Energy management systems will be able to turn lights on or off, raise and lower thermostat temperatures, and handle HVAC control systems based on occupants without the need for human intervention. Smart infrastructure management will automate parking systems, control water usage, and manage elevators and escalators.
These innovations, some of which are already in use today, will lower staff and payroll costs, reduce human error, simplify operations for building management, and more importantly, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, lower utility costs, and decrease energy consumption.
The rise of smart buildings will comprise of a sophisticated control system that uses sensors,
actuators and microchips to control building operations, smart buildings use technology to
enhance occupants’ health, comfort, and efficiency.

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