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TikTok introduces new tool to promote kindness

by Brian Yatich
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TikTok has introduced new tools that give content creators more control to decide the type of comments they would like to appear on their videos.

The additional measures are part of TikTok’s #SharingPositivity campaign to reduce bullying and harassment on the platform.

The two new features gives creators more control over the comments on their videos as well as prompting people to reconsider posting unkind or inappropriate comments.

Want to learn more? Let’s get into it.

  1. More power to control comments

Creators put their heart and soul into creating content millions of people love, and TikTok is working to give them even more control over their content. With the new Filter All Comments feature, creators can decide which comments will appear on their videos.

When enabled, comments will not be displayed unless the video’s creator approves them using the new comment management tool.


Furthermore, this feature builds on TikTok’s existing collection of comment controls that allow people to filter spam and offensive comments, and specific keywords.

Comments are an important way for community members to connect with creators, and TikTok continues to develop ways to promote respectful discussion.

  1. Consider before you comment

In addition to empowering creators with more tools, TikTok also wants to encourage its community to treat everyone with kindness and respect.

A new comment prompt now asks people to reconsider posting a comment that may be inappropriate or unkind. It also reminds users about TikTok’s Community Guidelines and allows them to edit their comments before sharing.


Creating a safe and positive app environment is very important to TikTok. The platform is committed to strengthening its safeguards for users, building tools that provide people with more control to shape their experience and to keep listening to feedback from the TikTok community and industry experts. 

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