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Uber, Kenya Traffic Police Collaborate for Road Safety

by Kwabe Ben

Uber has announced a collaboration with the Kenya Traffic Police to work towards enhancing road safety on major roads in Nairobi. This is part of Uber’s ongoing commitment to safety and will see the two entities roll out a number of initiatives to raise awareness of road safety for drivers on the Uber platform.

This partnership enhances the relationship between drivers and the Kenya Traffic Police to ensure better safety and smooth service across Nairobi. There are plans in place to give Uber drivers stickers so that they are easily identifiable. There are also plans to do road safety training between the police and Uber drivers.

Left to right: Rosa Kisauvah, Head of Driver Operations, East Africa, Uber, Superintendent of Police- Mr. Ben Baraza ( Traffic 4), Superintendent of Police-Mr. Bonface Otieno ( In Charge Personnel and Road Safety Training ), Imran Manji, Head of East Africa, Uber, Police Commissioner-Mr. Vitalis Otieno ( In charge Traffic Nairobi Area), Job Nguka, Head of Security, East Africa and Chief Inspector-Mr. Lazarus Owiti ( In Charge Traffic Warrants)


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