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WhatsApp users shift to Telegram over privacy infringements


Telegram has increased its subscriber’s network in the recent days, a move blamed over WhatsApp decision to share users’ private data with the Facebook App. WhatsApp, an online based messaging platform, was deemed secure until a recent move that offered users to link their status updates with the Facebook App in their timelines.

WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy and if you tap the ‘agree’ button that comes with it, you’ll share certain personal information with Facebook. The data collected by WhatsApp include things like profile names and pictures, phone numbers, other phone numbers in the user’s phone, and more. In 2016, a couple of years after it acquired the company, Facebook gave WhatsApp users the option to opt-out of having their data made available to Facebook — something the new policy reverses. WhatsApp user data will be shared with the ‘Facebook family of companies’ under the updated terms

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