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Cabinet Meeting Chaired by President Ruto Gears up Digitization


President William Ruto on Tuesday chaired the first paperless Cabinet meeting, kicking off a major government digitization drive.

The president has taken major strides toward ensuring that government operations both national and county are digitized as he embraces the technology empowerment path.

Cabinet Secretaries arrived at State House, Nairobi, without the traditional bulky folders, large briefcases, and huge files.

In the Cabinet room, they found secured portable digital devices interconnected and attached to their files, memos, and a secure notebook to assist them to take notes in the meeting without leaving the devices.

President Ruto said the digitisation of cabinet meetings was a clear signal that the Government was going digital

The bold move is expected to significantly reduce the cost of printing and enhance the security of Cabinet records.

President Ruto said the digitization of cabinet meetings was a clear signal that the Government was going digital.

He said it will enhance service delivery by fostering efficiency and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy in government.

“Kenyans will be able to access government services from anywhere, from their home or offices, without having to go unnecessarily to government offices and wait in long queues,” he said.

A paperless system is in line with President Ruto’s climate change initiative.

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