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Gold Discovered in Kakamega Worth Ksh 330 billion

by Kwabe Ben

A gold mining company Shanta Gold that’s focused on exploration of East African countries has announced a 37% increase in the discovery of gold in the Western Kenya regions primarily Ramula.

The company’s CEO Eric Zurin said that efforts in the successful drilling Programme led in a discovery of 45,359 kilograms (1.6 million ounces) of gold.

The worth of gold that much is estimated to be ksh 331 billion.” This further strengthens our view that the region is a major new gold district and an area of massive future growth for the company,” zurin stated.

The CEO added that efforts have been put in place to ensure expansion of Ramula region into being the second significant resource region in western Kenya.

“We are delighted with the transformative drilling results announced at the Ramula target, adding 434 k oz grading to 2.08g/t and increasing total resources at our West Kenya project by a significant 37 percent to 1.6 million oz,” he said.

During the ongoing drilling project, the company is focusing on seven targets Miruka, Anomaly 22, Ramba-lumba, Aila, Masumbi and former colonial mine Kiboko with Ramula included.

This comes as the company had uncovered 1.31 million ounces of gold deposits in May 2021. The gold estimated to total of ksh 164 billion. Company said to have dedicated its resources pouring billions for the completion of the project.

“The west Kenya project continues to produce exciting results the more we look, and we are confident that it has the potential to be a multi-million-ounce gold district comparable with other prolific greenstone belts in the world,” Zurin noted.

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