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ICEA Lion Group Launches Cancer Product

by Caroline Theuri

The ICEA Lion Group has today launched the first cancer product that will be able to respond to  the gaps in found in cancer treatment, such as finance and scarcity in drug treatment.


While the insurer will come in to finance the needs of the non-communicable disease of its customers, the latter will be able to focus on their treatment.


The insurer states that the policy will cover diverse aspects of treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and palliative care.

According to the Group’s General Manager for Business Development and Technical Services, Mr George Nyakundi, “the company is focused on developing insurance products that are geared towards solving problems for its customers and the citizens.”


Research on the disease states that cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world, with lung cancer leading, with almost 1.7 million cases. 

But, in Kenya, the disease has the third likelihood to lead to death, as compared to other diseases.


There are challenges that are associated with cancer treatment, such as the high financial costs for treatment. 


There are also associated negative economic costs that come with treating a cancer patient when they leave employment to pursue treatment.


Then again, medical professionals who are trained to diagnose and recommend treatment for the disease, known as oncologists, are few, standing at slightly over 20, states the World Health Organisation.

ICEA Lion Group, therefore, joins other insurance companies such as UAP Old Mutual that are of recent providing cover for cancer. 

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