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Industry leaders to gather in Nairobi to discuss investing and developing in Efficient Properties in Africa.

by Wanjiku Mbugua

About 150 real estate investment professionals will gather in Nairobi on Tuesday at the inaugural SPACE conference, to explore the business value efficient and smart build investment have on the African market and debate whether building with sustainable methods and materials is the most cost-effective way to ensure a long-term profit for real estate projects.

SPACE will cover the most efficient ways to build and operate hotels, commercial buildings, public sector and mixed-use developments and residential projects. It brings together investors, major hotel groups, real estate owners and developers, as well as renewable energy experts, alongside architects, engineers and government officials.

The Tourism Finance Corporation are the host partner of the event and Jonah Orumoi, the Managing Director of the organisation said “We are proud supporters of this conference because it is the ONLY conference globally that puts the discussion of sustainability for real estate into a financial context. As an organisation the TFC want to be leaders of thought in this debate, investing into hotels that are sustainable and support a growing demand of tourism in Kenya.

The two-day event will begin on Tuesday 13 March, with two workshops. “How to Build the Business Case for Green Buildings with EDGE” is hosted by Prashant Kapoor, Chief Industry Specialist-Green Buildings at the International Finance Corporation and will take a look at challenges and solutions to resource efficient buildings, including what tools are available to measure the ROI on sustainable solutions and whether favourable funding terms are being made available to encourage sustainable development.

The second workshop is will focus on “How to Identify and Select the Right Materials for your Efficient Building” and is hosted by Elizabeth Wangeci Chege, Chairperson of Kenya Green Building Society and Andrew Gremley, Architect / Director at Pharos Architects. Making the right choice of materials is one of the most difficult processes when constructing a green building. This session will review how others have done so, where and what to consider, without completely breaking the bank. In a continent of rich abundance, the session will discuss the local choices to work with and how to create the local economy for sustainable and responsible materials.

The second day will open with a keynote session on the “Key Opportunities within African Real Estate”, where representatives of JLL, World Green Building Council, Standard Chartered Bank, BRITAM and Quantum Global Alternative Investments, will debate the future for efficient and sustainable investment and development, the impact urbanization and population growth will have and the plans to address them, and discuss how regulation or industry will play a role towards the adoption of green buildings.

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