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KEBS Lists Cooking Oils Which are Safe for Consumption

by Kwabe Ben

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has further addressed the issue of banned cooking oils urging that the edible oils and fats in the market are safe for use except for specific batches it had listed on its recall list.

KEBS had earlier on called for a suspension of the sale of 10 edible oils brands citing standards of non-compliance as a result of sampling from various shops in the country which brought confusion among consumers.

KEBS has now put out a list of the specific batches that were suspended from the market despite the batch owners defending their production lines as having followed the guidelines of production.

Of the banned products, Bidco was ordered to recall Bahari Fry batch number 107921 and Olive Gold batch 105948.

Pwani Oil on the other hand was to recall Fresh Fri batch FF1L17487D, Fresh Fri with Garlic Oil batch number FF500175260, Fry Mate (8941D), and Salit (SS1L17472D).

The other batches that were recalled were Kapa Oil refineries’ Postman (0210322B), Rina (0340522B), and Tilly (152222A).

Menengai’s Oil Top Fry batch number OL4A3 MF9.25.05.22 was also among the 10 brands that were recalled by KEBS in the letter addressed to the Retail Traders Association of Kenya.

KEBS said the above-mentioned oils and cooking fat brands failed to meet requirements of the Standards Act and were therefore unfit for human consumption.

“We wish to reassure the public that whatever else that is in the market from the respective brands is safe and there is no cause for alarm,” stated KEBS.

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