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LEAP Africa Calls for Youth Inclusion to Achieve SDGs

by Kwabe Ben
LEAP Africa

LEAP Africa envisions raising leaders that will transform Africa through bridging the gap in leadership, education, employability, and entrepreneurship hence with the onset of International Youth Day organized a discussion on the same.

Together with other stakeholders, LEAP Africa held conversations aimed at galvanizing Pan-African public, social, and private sector partnerships in the interest of promoting youth-led action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

DOW Africa public affairs leader and YALI Advisory board member Mumbi Kega, said that the preparation of workshops revolves around the intention of adopting science and innovation to create a sustainable future by preparing tomorrow’s workspace.

These workspaces she reveals have so far had various achievements around creating relevance, like employability and entrepreneurship, Education, Healthy lifestyle, social mobility, and active citizenship. Further highlighting how young people need to urgently create social enterprises because the forum will enable them to voice their concerns and focus on the future.

“We prepare workshops by focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), enabling sustainable solutions and building inclusive opportunities,” Mumbi said.

Youth are crucial players in advancing action toward the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals for their innovativeness, articulateness, and resilience. Thus the urgency in involving them in the conversations of actions towards achieving sustainability much sort.

According to Child Fund African Regional Director, Chege Ngugi, the youth are crucial in attaining the change that’s urgently called for and they need to get up into finding their way of bringing the change all through instead of waiting to be handed the mantle or manual.

“In Africa, we aim at embracing the continental free trade area by opening borders for youths to move across to look for jobs, spread Technology advertisement, and practice advancement and practice that in any African country freely. We can move ahead if we turn our energy to the youth and encourage them to embrace the efforts positively, “Chege said.


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