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Natural Gas Alternative For Oil Prices In Tanzania

President Samia has warned of rising prices for oil and other commodities as a result of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Tanzania having a large natural gas reserve, there is still a constant struggle in trying to attain fossil fuels that would aid run transport and manufacturing industries.

Tanzania possesses an estimated 230 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, with the so far confirmed 57.5 trillion feet, has been ranked position 82 on the world map.

The mining of gas already commenced at Songosongo islands in Kilwa district, coast region and Msimbati area in Mtwara region. this has been used in generation of electricity and running of power plants in some industries in the country.

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Dependence on oil to run its industrial plants, trucks and passengers as well as some generators that generators to provide electricity supplied by Tanzania Electric Corporation (Tanesco), Tanzania now aims at exploiting its abundance in precious gas reserves.

Speaking at the International Women’s Day celebrations held nationally in Zanzibar yesterday, President Samia Suluhu Hassan said the oil prices were affected as a result of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Supporting the stakeholders’ statements that the solution to the country’s oil crisis is the gas.

Faced with this predicament, the Tanzania Petroleum Corporation (TPDC) for its part has unfolded a strategy of establishing gas stations in vehicles which a have been added to the system that uses that energy.

“Oil prices are rising sharply and as they rise; in Tanzania we will not survive. All products will go up in price, fares will go up in price. The value of everything will go up since oil has gone up,” said President Samia.

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