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Nokia 3 joins the Android Oreo™ family of Nokia smartphones

by Wanjiku Mbugua

HMD Global continues unparalleled Android OS update record with most Nokia smartphones across the portfolio now on Oreo™

HMD Global, has announced the Nokia 3 smartphone will begin to receive the Android Oreo™ software update from the 23rd of May. With Nokia 8, Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 already updated to the latest version of Android, Nokia smartphones continue to deliver a pure, secure and always up-to-date Android experience.

With Android Oreo™ on the Nokia 3, you can enjoy the latest features exactly as Google intended, including Picture-in-Picture mode and 60 new emojis to express yourself better, all at an accessible price point. Android Instant Apps declutter your already pure Android experience further while helping the Nokia 3’s optimized battery last even longer by limiting background app use.

As well as updates, HMD Global works closely with Google to ensure all new additions to the Nokia smartphone portfolio deliver the best possible software experience. The recently announced Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 plus and the new Nokia 6, will all be available with Android Oreo™ out of the box, whilst the Nokia 1 delivers the very latest OS experience through Android Oreo™ (Go edition).

Gopher Ogembo, Business Manager, East Africa, HMD Global, said:

“The scale and speed at which we’ve rolled out operating system (OS) and security updates is something we are very proud of. Each update gets refined by our Nokia phones beta labs programme, which already has over 50,000 members since its launch last year. It is designed to give early adopters a voice in how we shape our offerings. We have a great community of Nokia phone enthusiasts and their passion and feedback have been a major factor in helping us to update our fans’ devices consistently and rapidly with the experience they want, across all price points.”

Pure, secure and up-to-date Android

Nokia smartphones come with a pure, secure and up-to-date Android experience, ensuring your phone is kept up to date with the latest Google innovations, regular security patches and there are no unnecessary UI changes or hidden processes that would eat up your battery life or slow it down, so you can enjoy your phone for longer.

Enterprise credentials

Android OreoTM also boosts the enterprise credentials of smartphones by streamlining the deployment of devices, creating distinct personal and professional profiles, and improving security. With Google zero touch enrolment, a feature first introduced in Android OreoTM, organisations can deploy a Nokia smartphone with enterprise mobility management settings pre-configured. The phones can be configured online and drop-shipped to employees so that they can start using their Nokia phones right out of the box. All Nokia smartphones with Android OreoTM from Nokia 3 and up support zero touch enrolment.

Many of the qualities you expect from a Nokia phone make them the perfect enterprise device, such as the pure, secure and up-to-date Android experience and great battery life. The Nokia 8 was one of the first devices included in Android Enterprise Recommended, a new Google-led programme that makes recommendations on the business devices and networks best suited for Android Enterprise deployments. The Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 plus and the new Nokia 6 are also validated by Google to be part of the Android Enterprise Recommended programme.

 With work profiles, IT administrators can separate work apps and data from the user’s personal profile, creating the best of both worlds. Organisations will be safe in the knowledge that all sensitive information is kept secure. And employees will have the freedom to use the personal apps and services they want, all on one device.

okia smartphone Android Oreo™ upgrade dates


HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, officially launches 1st December 2016
First Nokia Android smartphone, the Nokia 6, is announced 8th January 2017
Nokia phones beta labs goes live 25th October 2017
Nokia 8 Beta labs 8.0 25th Oct 2017
Beta labs 8.1 23rd Jan 2018
8.0 24th Nov 2017
8.1 13th Feb 2018
Nokia 6 Beta labs 8.0 19th Dec 2017
8.0 30th Jan 2018
8.1 28th Mar 2018
Nokia 5 Beta labs 8.0 12th Dec 2017
8.0 30th Jan 2018
8.1 28th Mar 2018
Nokia 3 Beta labs 8.0 26th Feb 2018
8.0 11th April 2018
8.1 19th May 2018


* Announcement dates to OM, may vary in regions and operators

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