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Russia Refutes Fuel Price Hike in Kenya

by Kwabe Ben

Russia has denied a statement made by the government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna blaming the high cost of living and fuel prices on the war in Ukraine.

Russian Embassy in Kenya responded to a story covered by Citizen Digital on Oguna’s remarks noting that the government was erroneous.

Instead, the Embassy blamed policies and sanctions issued by the US and the European Union for the increase in prices of basic commodities in Kenya and other countries.

Cyrus Oguna at a tour of Rivates on 21st June, “It is true that the cost of living has gone high. But it is not the government’s wish. We have to understand there are external factors contributing to this. For instance, the war between Russia and Ukraine is affecting us in one way or the other. The price of fuel has gone high because where the fuel is coming from the prices have also gone high.”

Russia has however declined these allegations pointing out the US and the EU as the sole contributors to the problem.

Through a statement issued by the country’s Ambassador to Kenya, Dmitry Maksimychev, the Eurasian country stated that Kenya should not blame Russia for the hike in prices of fuel, gas, and food commodities.

Russia’s statement, “The Western narrative that all the global, food, energy (fuel), and financial crises are because of the events in Ukraine is fundamentally erroneous, the root causes of all these problems are totally inept, unprofessional and irresponsible financial and economic policies of US, EU, and the like over a long period of time, as well as their illegal unilateral sanctions that disrupt and distort global markets.”

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