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Rwanda-Based Firm Welcomes Kenyan Entrepreneurs Onboard

by Kwabe Ben

Jasiri Talent Investor Program from Kigali, Rwanda calls for up to 55 entrepreneurs for mentorship and training in a year-long engagement.

The program is supported by Allan and Gill Gray Foundation and says it’s looking for individuals between 25 years and 35 years who exhibit an exceptional entrepreneurial drive, according to the tools, resources, and guidance needed to launch high-growth ventures.

Those candidates who turn out successful will be flown to Rwanda where they stand a chance to interact with equally ambitious co-founders while receiving the much-needed support to create thriving businesses.

Aline Kabanda, Allan and Gill Gray Foundation Rwanda Country Director, “ we are excited to open applications for our third cohort and look forward to recruiting aspiring entrepreneurs across Rwanda, Kenya, and Ethiopia. We believe responsible entrepreneurship is at the center of community transformation. We encourage young achievers who aspire to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations to apply.”

Successful candidates will be accorded a flight to Kigali as well as a monthly stipend of Ksh29,500 (USD250). They will also undergo a training in five key stages including entrepreneurship essentials, team formation, prospecting, validation, and venture creation.

According to a statement on the Jasiri website, “this fully-funded one-year program takes a long-term holistic approach to develop entrepreneurs by providing them with the time and space to identify Market-Creating Innovation and product-market fit.”

Amongst the trainees, founders who will opt to set start-ups in Nairobi are to be facilitated a monthly stipend of Ksh 118,000 (USD1,000).

How to Apply.

Interested candidates are advised to register and create an account on the Accelerator Application platform through the Jasiri Accelerator Programme at jasiri.acceleratorapp.co/application/new.

Once done with registration on the platform, one receives a notification that will prompt you to complete the form and submit it on the platform.

Applicants are also advised to complete the entrepreneurial intentions assessment within 7 days from which Successful applicants will move to the next stage.

Other tests in the process include innovation scenario assessment that includes a pitch video as well as Jasiri Psychometric Test.

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