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This app will help you access and buy medicine online in Kenya

by Tullah Stephen

MYDAWA aims to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients thus improving quality and cost of healthcare.

Everything is done online nowadays. From shopping, banking, cab hailing to ordering food. The latest in the list is the delivery of prescription drugs. Kenyans can now order medicines and other h


Mr Tonny Wood Managing Director MYDAWA

ealth products and have them delivered to them.


A local technology company will be rolling out eHealth based service that enables consumers purchase authentic medicines, health and wellness products.

Dubbed MYDAWA, the app aims at bridging the gap between healthcare providers and patients. Thus improving quality and cost of healthcare.  The app allows users to order prescription medicines online and have them delivered to a pharmacy near them.

MYDAWA features a unique track and trace mechanism that consumers can use to verify authenticity of products from source, while offering convenience and privacy to the consumer.

According to Tom Wood, MYDAWA’s managing director, patients will only need to attach a photo or scan of the prescription on the app. They may also enter special instructions they may need to specify after which pharmacists will dispense it to them.

The app allows users to set-up profiles for family members, prescription refill reminders, and receive personalized medication advice to their phones. MYDAWA will also offer dedicated support to patients. Those that need to speak to our qualified pharmacists through online chat, email or calls.


MYDAWA screenshot

It also offers value for money as it does not charge any service fees, transaction or delivery costs.

“Our service is free of charge and loaded with value! No subscription fees, No hidden costs, no delivery fees,” said Wood.

Apart from prescription drugs other products available for purchase include dietary supplements, multivitamins, beauty and skin care among others.

One of the key challenges in the pharmaceutical industry has been counterfeit products. Mr Wood says MYDAWA users will be assured of genuine products. “The products are sealed with tamper proof security seal. To authenticate users need to scratch

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