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Auctioning of Mombasa Port Puzzle

by Kwabe Ben

Questions about the alleged selling of the Mombasa port in an auctioneering deal continuously worrying in the minds of Kenyans.

Mombasa Port, the largest port in eastern Africa serves the East Africa Community as a link between the nations to the outside world making Kenya a major business hub within and outside Africa.

The allegations that came about after the completion of the Standard Gauge Railway insinuated a possible use of the Kenyan Mombasa Port as collateral for the loans acquired from the Chinese government to assist fund the infrastructure.

The latest alleged revelations from the Kenya Kwanza leaders about the Mombasa port have sparked fear and mistrust amongst citizens regarding the situation of loans and the nation’s relationship with China.

According to Musalia Mudavadi, president Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila in conjunction with Mombasa Governor Joho illegally sold the ports of Mombasa, Lamu, and Kisumu to a Dubai-based Port World FZE.

Affirming that the alleged deal was signed by the Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani, however not yet established, this hints at an earlier speech by Member of Parliament for Nyali Mohammed Ali speaking to his people at the coast during a campaign.

“The Kenyan government is attracting investors into the country and by that not losing any of its assets or benefits but realise more revenue, employment opportunities for its citizens.

“We have identified various areas that we would collaborate on including ports, railways and special economic zones. The government will not use any money in the project but will benefit from the revenues earned and taxes generated,” Yatani told Citizen TV.

Mudavadi speaking asked, “Why would a government with less than five weeks leave office hurriedly and secretly auction the operations, development, redevelopment, and management of our ports to a foreign country?”

Further revealing that other leaders as well have evidence to support their claims emphasizing that the deal was signed at a Mombasa meeting masked as a birthday celebration.

However, the Azimio leader Raila Odinga has dismissed these claims that he secretly auctioned the country’s main three ports to a Dubai-based firm, declaring the accusations by the entire Kenya Kwanza team as false.

Makau Mutua, Raila’s Presidential Secretariat Spokesperson, “I have consulted with Raila about the matter. He has undoubtedly dismissed this allegation with the contempt they deserve. This latest attempt, like many others, is uncalled for and unbecoming of a side picking anything and everything to shore up their dwindling numbers. Still, they must cease defamatory allegations that continue to feature during the public engagement.”

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