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Car and General Bags Best Automotive E-Commerce

by Kwabe Ben
Car and General

Car and General since establishment 85 years ago in Nakuru has continuedly served the Kenyan car market with machines that fit the consumer needs typically advancing it further.

Car and General online shop received an award for the best automotive e-commerce site during the fourth annual E-Commerce awards. The event aims to recognise online retailers, online companies, agencies, innovations and the eCommerce industry.

Its now a listed company on the Nairobi Securities Exchange, Car & General is a franchise-holder of a wide range of leading global power generation, automotive and engineering brands including two- and three-wheeler vehicles, tractors, outboard engines, air compressors, laundry equipment and water pumps.

‘‘E-Commerce is the future of the automotive industry as it allows dealerships to reach new markets, cut down on operational costs, tailor the customer experience and give them more control over their buying power just by the click of a button,’’ said George Rubiri the General Manager for Consumer Products at Car and General.

Mr Rubiri further emphasized that the online shop breaks all geographical barriers creating accessibility for SME’s to mitigate them against the current economic challenges.

Revealing that under the offering, customers can acquire Piaggio tuktuks, TVS motorbikes, GPS devices, Briggs and Stratton products and Garmin wearable fitness devices.

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