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HELB announces 100 percent Covid-19 penalty waiver

by Ndungu Brian

Kenyans with HELB loans have got every reason to smile after the High Education Loans Board (HELB) announced a 100 % penalties waiver on loans during the Covid-19 period.

Higher Educations Loans Board (HELB) CEO Charles Ringera said post-Covid effects caused a toll on the economy hence the decision to give a penalty waiver.

The penalty waiver dubbed Kamilisha Malipo ya Helb will be effective from March 1 to April 30 2022.

“HELB appreciates the fact owing to the prevailing economic situation, the loan beneficiaries’ repayment ability may take some time to stabilize,” Ringera said.

Ringera urged those who have not started paying off their loans to start making payments this year to allow the facility benefit more deserving students.

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