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Ksh100M Govt Project Destroyed Weeks After Launch

by Kwabe Ben

The newly built 100M Paai Bridge a connection to the various wards linking Kajiado county was destroyed just weeks after its launch.

The infrastructure initiated barely a month ago by Kajiado county Governor Joseph Ole Lenku on 17th February, fell victim to the flash floods cutting down the means of operation around.

This happened when the bridge pillars gave into pressure from flash floods on Wednesday, February 23 night causing it to break down in the middle, with the left pillars shaky. o

The occurrence has left the residents unable to move affecting trade as well as daily operations. “The bridge tumbled down in the middle of the night. Those individuals who were waiting for the rains to subside to go home found the bridge collapsed,” one of the residents told a local publication.

The Paai bridge also called ‘an inter- sub- counties connector’, links other parts of the county to Kinyawa Poka ward in Kajiado East those over years had been isolated. During the launch the Governor stated “Farmers in three wards to be connected by the new Paai Bridge. A bridge connecting three wards through the Eselenkei River to commercial farms in the three sub-counties of Kajiado.”

A place that before construction is believed to have claimed several lives of people and animals, getting washed away by the flood water after heavy rains.

Through the bridge’s construction, Mtapato 100 North areas, Mbirikani and Kinyawa Pokato all the way to Mashuru town were interconnected to centers in the west that have medical facilities, livestock markets and government services.

The Governor is expected to visit the area where he will issue an official statement regarding the collapse of the bridge, this will entail measures that his governance will put in place measures to deter it from happening again.

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