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Tanzania’s Magufuli begins re-election campaign


Tanzanian President John Magufuli hashas vowed to improve the economy and finalize unfinished projects during a speech that marked the launch of his re-election campaign for the second term.

Pombe Magufuli will battle it out with 14 contestants in his bid to secure a second final term in this year. Among the prominent opponents is  Tundu Lissu, who returned to the country from Belgium in early August where he had sought treatment after surviving a 2017 assassination attempt in which he was shot 16 times.    

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The 60-year-old Magufuli promised supporters that, should he get re-elected, his administration will focus on boosting the country’s gross domestic product and completing several projects aimed at making Tanzania “a great nation”. 

“We have the capability to implement these projects. And we will implement them with speed using local resources,” Magufuli said, adding that some of the initiatives include the purchase of five new planes for the national airline, creation of jobs for eight million people and increasing tourism earnings.

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