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Unstoppable Rise in Milk Prices

by Kwabe Ben

Kenyans will have to increase their budget to fit in the milk consumption table as a spike in prices of fresh milk is witnessed. This is due to an acute shortage that has kept on rising incessantly in a span of the last two months.

Experts caution of a continuously steady increase in milk prices as, the basic commodity has had its price shoot by over ksh13, as a packet of 500ml went for ksh 45 early January to a current ksh 58 in March 2022.

Retailers now intend on rolling up initiatives such as rationing to assist cope with the increasing shortage.

Limiting buyers to only two packets of milk each instead of the buying capability freedom per consumer as has been.

Noting the erratic pattern, they have noticed from their suppliers and processors who site the long-winded drought as a main cause of the shortage.

“The long drought has been the cause for all this. There have been no long rains since December last year. That is what has caused the shortage of supplies,” stated an expert.

A buyer also laments on the abrupt highly rising curve in prices that has totally deemed life so expensive.
Recalls how from buying a 250ml box for ksh480 has on the contrary shot up to a worth of ksh680.

Over the past few months, several commodities have experienced a spike in prices that’s attributed to the increment in oil prices which has been affected by several market forces.

Milk having one of the highest per capita consumptions upon selling 93.9 kilograms as of 2018 based on the data from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, has now scaled a notch high imposing an increase in the demand.

Closely followed by maize and the maze products consumptions at (69.5kg) wheat products at (41.3kg) and vegetables at 32.6 kg.

Some of the other products that have faced a price spike include; bread, fuel, cooking gas.

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