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Hamptons Hospital, Assuring patients Care

by Kwabe Ben

Hamptons Hospital begins to fully operate on 24-hour basis in all departments

Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) Hamptons Hospital has begun a full 24-hour operations in all departments after a successful 6 month trial run.
The facility, based in Butere and serving Kenyans and foreigners in medical tourism since 2019, has been carrying out 24 hour test runs since last year.

The hospital cited increased demand for its services coupled with thousands of installed solar streetlights that have enhanced security in the area.

“The 24-hour operation has seen increased demand since it was enacted last year. Over 100KM of streets at MMTC have been installed with thousands of solar streetlights, with around the clock security patrols that enhance smooth running of the operations at the hospital,” the hospital said in a statement.

Among the departments that will now operate on 24-hour basis are newly completed maternity wing with a capacity to deliver 96 new-born babies per day in the ultra-modern obstetrics department.

Hamptons Hospital

Others are Oncology, Inpatient and outpatient, Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Trauma, Special surgery, Renal, Diabetic, Ear-nose-throat, Infectious disease and ICU.

The hospital opened in 2019 and accepts all patients, including ones with NHIF cards.
Kakamega County residents with NHIF cards are treated without paying extra co-payment charges.
The facility is associated with American-based investor Julius Mwale.

The tycoon is building Sh228 billion (2 billion US dollars) sustainable metropolis centred around a state-of-the-art medical and technology complex located within Butere Sub- County, Kakamega County.

The project has been implemented without relocating the local community, instead the community’s homes were upgraded to modern standards and rental homes built for them, which are rented to thousands of City workers.

MMTC’s Hamptons hospital is a 5000-bed capacity, and will be able to serve 12,000 patients daily at full capacity.
The City has been built as a ” green Silicon Forest”, with an innovation district hosting global brands , and further aims at transforming the lives of residents and the country at large.

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